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The private wildlife–reserve GREENFIELDS, located 30 km north of Bluefields, near the Caribean Coast of Nicaragua, comprises 250 ha with swamps, lagoons, watercourses, lowland-rainforest and an enormous diversity of amfibians, reptiles (Caiman, Boa), birds, mammals (Jaguar, Tapir, Coati, Monkies,…) palms, orchids, bromeliads, fungi,….

The whole of GREENFIELDS is interlaced with narrow footpaths and canoe-channels.

Two hectares, at the entrance to the park, are dedicated to humans: There is all the necessary to lodge small groups of “back to nature”–tourists, no luxury, but silence, peace and true nature.

- The property is free of dept, legal and properly registrated.

- To make sure the continuance of this extraordinary reserve, the elderly founder-couple wants to establish a partnership together with a qualified successor and offers to continue the management of GREENFIELDS as long as the new partner needs such help.

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