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Rancho Dolores , Belize District, Belize

Rancho Dolores (Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve)

Welcome to Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve - A family managed wildlife corridor connecting the riverine rainforest along Spanish creek to the vast uninhabited protected lands of Northern Belize. An abundance of wildlife and diverse plant species make it an ideal destination for Tropical Ecology. Visitors have access to several miles of hiking trails and are likely to see over 200 species of birds, crocodiles, tapir, deer, puma, ocelot, jaguar, spider monkeys and black howlers!
Our gourmet garden cuisine is a highlight of the experience. Most of our food comes straight from the farm and you can taste the freshness. After a beautiful canoe ride down Spanish Creek and a hike in the jungle, a delicious meal awaits you. We are happy you found us here and hope to see you on the farm in the future.  Help Save the Rainforest by visiting us in beautiful Belize! 

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